gutsy + bluetooth-alsa + Motorola HT820

Michael R. Head burner at
Thu Aug 23 03:31:45 UTC 2007

Hi, I've picked up a number of bluetooth devices recently, and I'm
interested in using it with my gutsy-installed laptop.

I've looked around and haven't found a decent step-by-step guide for
making this work. I can pair the device, but I can't get it to show up
as an option for aplay or gstreamer-properties. 

I've tried the steps in file:///usr/share/doc/bluetooth-alsa/build.html
but I can't get any sound other than a beep when the headphone is paired
and connected.

Here's what I get from aplay:
burner at phoenix:~$ aplay -l
**** List of PLAYBACK Hardware Devices ****
card 0: Intel [HDA Intel], device 0: HDA Generic [HDA Generic]
  Subdevices: 0/1
  Subdevice #0: subdevice #0

and a2dpd:
burner at phoenix:~$ a2dpd
A2DPD[23:29:22.335]: init_ipc: Selected IPC: unix, addr=, bcst=, port=21453
A2DPD[23:29:22.335]: make_daemon_process: a2dpd [Jun  4 2007 09:21:06] starting ...
A2DPD[23:29:22.336]: main: (errno=9:Bad file descriptor)a2dpd addr=00:07:A4:F1:DC:78 timer=0 us [Jun  4 2007 09:21:11]
A2DPD[23:29:22.336]: a2dpd_signal_init: Getting on DBUS
A2DPD[23:29:22.337]: a2dpd_signal_init: Installing watch
A2DPD[23:29:22.337]: add_dbus_watch: Added watch 0 0x80a2930 disabled
A2DPD[23:29:22.337]: add_dbus_watch: Added watch 1 0x80a2958 enabled
A2DPD[23:29:22.337]: a2dpd_signal_init: Registering object path: /com/access/a2dpd
A2DPD[23:29:22.337]: a2dpd_signal_init: Acquiring service: com.access.a2dpd
A2DPD[23:29:22.338]: a2dpd_signal_init: OK
A2DPD[23:29:22.338]: a2dpd_signal_init: OK
A2DPD[23:29:22.339]: a2dpd_register_sdp: Start
A2DPD[23:29:22.339]: add_avrtg: 
A2DPD[23:29:22.339]: add_a2source: 
A2DPD[23:29:22.339]: a2dpd_register_sdp: OK
A2DPD[23:29:22.339]: main_loop: 
A2DPD[23:29:22.339]: make_server_socket: 
A2DPD[23:29:22.339]: a2dp_make_listen_socket: (errno=13:Permission denied)Cannot bind socket 6 for psm 25
A2DPD[23:29:22.340]: main_loop: *** Cannot get AVDTP socket, incoming AVDTP connections are impossible ***
A2DPD[23:29:22.340]: bta2dpdevicenew: 
A2DPD[23:29:22.340]: a2dpd_signal_address_changed: 00:07:A4:F1:DC:78
A2DPD[23:29:22.340]: a2dpd_signal_set_socket: Signal socket set to 6
A2DPD[23:29:22.340]: a2dpd_signal_state: Disconnected 
A2DPD[23:29:22.340]: a2dp_alloc: 
A2DPD[23:29:22.340]: a2dp_alloc: (a2dp = 0x80a6308)
A2DPD[23:29:22.340]: a2dp_new: 00:07:A4:F1:DC:78, 44100
A2DPD[23:29:22.340]: a2dp_new: State AVDTP_STATE_DISCONNECTED
A2DPD[23:29:22.340]: alsa_new: 
A2DPD[23:29:22.340]: alsa_new: device=plughw:0,0, framerate=44100
A2DPD[23:29:22.340]: alsa_new: State ALSA_STATE_DISCONNECTED
A2DPD[23:29:22.340]: alsa_new: returning 0x80a8498
A2DPD[23:29:22.340]: sco_new: 
A2DPD[23:29:22.340]: sco_new: State SCO_STATE_DISCONNECTED
A2DPD[23:29:22.340]: sco_state_disconnect: Filtering state : already disconnected
A2DPD[23:29:22.340]: main_loop: Bluetooth Device Settings [44100 hz, 2 channels, 16 bits]
A2DPD[23:29:22.341]: a2dp_make_listen_socket: (errno=13:Permission denied)Cannot bind socket 8 for psm 23
A2DPD[23:29:22.341]: avrcp_new: Listening for AVRCP on socket -1
A2DPD[23:29:22.341]: avrcp_new: 0x80a85a8
A2DPD[23:29:42.864]: a2dpd_handler_func: 
A2DPD[23:29:42.864]: a2dpd_dbus_Connect: Begin
A2DPD[23:29:42.864]: a2dpd_dbus_Connect: OK
A2DPD[23:29:42.864]: pollfd_cb_ctl_socket: Processing 'c' 99
A2DPD[23:29:42.864]: a2dp_state_connect: State AVDTP_STATEX_SDP_CONNECTING
A2DPD[23:29:42.864]: a2dp_state_machine: Role is INITIATOR
A2DPD[23:29:42.864]: a2dp_state_machine: (errno=115:Operation now in progress)SDP connection on socket 8
A2DPD[23:29:42.864]: a2dp_state_machine: State AVDTP_STATEX_SDP_CONNECTING_WAIT
A2DPD[23:29:42.864]: a2dpd_signal_state: Connecting 00:07:A4:F1:DC:78
A2DPD[23:29:50.940]: a2dp_state_machine: SDP connection terminated
A2DPD[23:29:51.025]: get_avdtp_psm: Parsing results
A2DPD[23:29:51.025]: get_avdtp_psm: Record
A2DPD[23:29:51.025]: get_avdtp_psm: Service Search OK
A2DPD[23:29:51.067]: get_avdtp_psm: Checking non spec audio
A2DPD[23:29:51.067]: a2dp_state_machine: Found psm 25
A2DPD[23:29:51.067]: a2dp_state_machine: State AVDTP_STATEX_CTL_CONNECTING
A2DPD[23:29:51.115]: a2dp_state_machine: Socket is 8
A2DPD[23:29:51.115]: a2dp_state_machine: (errno=115:Operation now in progress)State AVDTP_STATEX_CTL_CONNECTING_WAIT
A2DPD[23:29:52.118]: a2dp_state_machine: State AVDTP_STATE_IDLE

Michael R. Head <burner at>

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