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Jayantha Jayarathna spake thusly:
> Hi
> I am new to Unix. What is the default password for root account. I have
> installed server version

As others have pointed out, Ubuntu locks the root account by default and
requires you to use the "sudo" for commands requiring superuser (root)

And as they have also pointed out, you can also use sudo to log in as
root (and remain there) till you log out.


If you reeeeally want "normal" access to root (as one gets in most
Linux/*nix systems by default - assuming they are the administrator)
enter the following command in a terminal:

	sudo passwd

You will then be prompted to set a password (and asked to confirm it by
typing it second time). The password you are setting is for root. Once
you have done that, you can now access the root account as is typically
done in other Linux/*nix systems (e.g. with the "su" command and root

INTERESTING SIDE NOTE: Despite the Ubuntu folks (obviously) discouraging
full root access, I recently noted the instructions I just gave you can
be found (among many other places, of course) in "The Official Ubuntu


But in my case, I actually first came across this tip by accident quite
some time ago (either in a previous post or on one of the many Ubuntu
howto websites out there).

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