Booting Linux

cj debiani386 at
Mon Aug 20 02:35:56 UTC 2007

Bruce Marshall wrote:
> On Sunday 19 August 2007, Michael & Ulli Hanley wrote:
>> I just downloaded Ubuntu 7.04 desktop-i386iso onto my laptop hard disk.
>> I confirmed the integrity of the file with WinMD5Sum.
>> I burned to a CD using HP Solution center to get to the Windows burn
>> wizard. I tried opening the file on my hard disk, but message said Windows
>> cannot open
>> I then put the CD into an older computer and tried booting it there.
>> Even though the setup was modified to put the Cd drive ahead of the hard
>> disk and the computer turned off and on, the computer persisted in
>> booting up Windows instead.
>> I could find nothing in the Ubuntu documentation about booting up.
>> What am I missing?
> I suspect you burned it as an ordinary file...   you need to burn it as an 
> iso-image file which will put boot stuff in the right places.
on windows, you need to use something like "Easy CD Creator" or "Nero" 
to burn the iso to the cd.

on linux, simply use K3B


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