Dictionary lookup applet for KDE?

John Dangler jdangler at terremark.com
Sun Aug 19 21:38:19 UTC 2007

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Subject: Dictionary lookup applet for KDE?
There is a nice dictionary lookup applet for the Gnome taskbar. I am using
KDE, is their an equivalent applet?

I'm not sure about the existence of this, but I will have a look since I
could use one myself...

Also is there an KDE applet that will show me batter status on my laptop?
There is gdesklets, one of which shows battery status.  I did notice one on
my kde desktop under Edgy, but as of the latest updates in Feisty, I notice 
it is now gone.  I'll have to dig into this a bit and find out why.

I'm sorry, no one here has any intentions of helping you with anything. 
I am the manager of all of Customer Service."

Then, why would anyone on the list wish to help you with your questions?
( I was personally a bit put off by this quote when I first saw it... I
thought it was a reply to someone asking a question)

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