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Nils Kassube wrote:

> John Dangler wrote:
>> Thanks, Nils.  I've also done some googling and such, and found some
>> info on anon-proxy, spike, and tor/privoxy.  Have you tried any of
>> these?
> No - I don't have a need to surf anonymously. Browser settings of usually
> javascript and java disabled and accepting any cookie as session cookie
> only are good enough for me.
The whole impetus behind this was in my going to a link called auditmypc and running the tests
there against my Kubuntu machine to see how well I set it up.  All of the tests
passed completely, except that one of the tests discovered what my internal IP address
is, and it recommended the possibility of an anonymous proxy.  I've heard some of my
acquaintances talk about this in the past, but didn't really understand what it is
until recently.  While ostensibly the idea of *hiding* who you are on the web seems to
be a rather dubious activity, I can see the need for it in some circumstances.

Can you really browse the www with javascript disabled these days?  And what
are you worried about anyway?  I've never understood what's gained by
turning off javascript (in a real browser - IE and activeX is a different
kettle of fish, and I confess to not really understanding under what
conditions IE allows activeX to break the script security model).

Derek - I don't entirely understand it, either.  But, in my current position,
it is a task that is on the forefront of my list of things to know, so I'll be 
digging into this and other interesting questions in the near future.
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