thunderbird won't wrap text

Jeroen T. Bezemer jbezemer at
Sun Aug 19 14:44:22 UTC 2007

ben miller wrote:
> I want to like Thunderbird - I really do. But, no matter what I do I
> can't get text to wrap whether I'm composing a new message or replying.
> I've played with the formatting settings until the cows come home.
> Wrapping is currently set at 72 characters.
> Any
> clues?
> Thanks,
> ben
See above: text is wrapped (unless you did this yourself) afaik, 
thunderbird just does it when sending is pressed but it is not 
needed/wanted to wrap, as different receivers can have different 
screens/window size and so wrapping leaves empty space at the end of the 
line, of even has to be redone if the pre-wrapped lines are longer than 
the space available, or you need to scroll the window.

Regards, Groeten, etc...

Jeroen Bezemer
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