crackling audio with Audigy card

River Tarnell river at
Sun Aug 19 05:04:48 UTC 2007


i have recently installed an Audigy 2 PCI sound card into a system running 
Kubuntu 7.04.  initially, the card worked fine, but the next day it produced 
a strange crackling/static noise while playing audio, and then even when not 
playing anything.  the problem seems to come and go sometimes when the system 
is power cycled, but not always.

Google suggests this is a common problem with Audigy cards, but most of the 
proposed solutions are specific to the Windows drivers.  is there any 
solution for Alsa or OSS?  (i have tried adjusting PCI latency timers, to no 

the card is installed in a Tyan Tiger MP board with 2 1.2GHz Athlon MP CPUs, 
1280MB ECC memory and a GeForce2 MX200 AGP graphics card.

	- river.
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