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Alex Janssen alex at
Sat Aug 18 23:51:26 UTC 2007

R Kimber said the following on 08/18/2007 07:39 PM:
> On Sat, 18 Aug 2007 19:28:06 -0400
> Alex Janssen wrote:
>> R Kimber said the following on 08/18/2007 01:43 PM:
>>> Is there a solution for the version of Firefox in 7.04 (ver
>>> to the problem that local links of the form
>>> file:///xxx/yyy/z.htm won't display?
>>> These links are generated automatically and it would be possible to
>>> run a script to edit the links, but that seems to me to be a
>>> somewhat ugly hack.
>>> - Richard
>> No problem here.  I tested opening 
>> file:///home/apjjr/junk/getTaxFormsList.html on my system and Firefox 
>> opened it right up.  Don't know what's wrong on your system.
> According to Google searches, it's a well-known problem that had
> solutions up to ver 1.5, but I can't see one for the current version.
> I'm running a local (internal) website via Apache2 and pages are
> loaded as http://....etc  Some contain file://..... etc links and these
> don't work.
> It seems to be a known problem.  I just wondered if there was a
> solution.  Firefox will open such links if typed in, but not from html
> pages.
> - Richard.
If you are viewing via a web server,  you need to change those links 
from file:/// to http:// on the server.
I don't know any other way around it.  They are 2 different methods of 
referencing the file relative to your browser.  Local system; file:///, 
web server; http://.


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