can't log on - forgot password (oops)

NoOp glgxg at
Sat Aug 18 21:19:30 UTC 2007

On 08/17/2007 07:42 PM, Bruce Ferrell wrote:
> If you can get it to boot the VM from media, try the bootdisk you'll
> find below

:-) Yesterday I was given a machine that the local high school was
throwing in the trash; pretty nice machine (by my standards) -
1.6Ghz/512Mb/30Gb+8Gb. (My standard working desktop is
450Mhz/324Mb/30Gb+15Gb) It has WindowsXPPro installed on it ++, so I
figured that I'd like to keep the MS install as a backup for
troubleshooting windoze & OpenOffice problems. The only problem was that
it didn't come with a password.

So, I booted into Knoppix, set a root password, downloaded chntpw from
the Deb repository (which ntpasswd/bootdisk.html uses), cd'd to
hda1/WINDOWS/System32/config and ran 'sudo chntpw -u SAM' & set the
password to a blank (*=blank). Worked like a champ! Booted into windoze
& now updating & deleting unnecessary bits to trim the disk down, and
then will use the Ubunut Alternate CD to install Ubuntu. Now if I can
only figure out how to get the ZenDesktop & other Novell crap out of it
I'll be fine... :-)

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