a program similar to netsend?

cj debiani386 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 16 23:39:44 UTC 2007

Gavin Costello wrote:
> On 16-08-2007 16.43, cj wrote:
>> man i do not know how to run that program, could you please guide me 
>> step by step how to run it. i do have it installed on my linux system
> ---end quoted text---
> From the man page:
>  -M NetBIOS name
> This options allows you to send messages, using the "WinPopup" protocol, to another computer.
> Once a connection is established you then type your message, pressing ^D (control-D) to  end.
> If  the receiving computer is running WinPopup the user will receive the message and probably
> a beep. If they are not running WinPopup the message will be lost, and no error message  will
> occur.
> The message is also automatically truncated if the message is over 1600 bytes, as this is the
> limit of the protocol.
>                                                                                                               One useful trick is to cat the message through smbclient. For example:
>     cat mymessage.txt | smbclient -M FRED
> will send the message in the file mymessage.txt to the machine FRED.
> You may also find the -U and-I options useful, as they allow you to control the FROM  and  TO
> parts of the message.
> See  the  message command parameter in the smb.conf(5) for a description of how to handle in‐
> coming WinPopup messages in Samba.
> Note: Copy WinPopup into the startup group on your WfWg PCs if you want  them  to  always  be
> able to receive messages.
hmm. none of my laptops (which are the computers im wanting to use atm) 
have winpopup. Im upgrading them to ubuntu as we speak because they work 
horibly with windows (i figured it would, i just havent used this laptop 
in ages)

so im thinking ill just send a message from one ubuntu to another. What 
command do i issue to send a message from one ubuntu to another


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