SSH Connection to Dapper Dies

Clint Tinsley clintin at
Thu Aug 16 20:57:20 UTC 2007

This is a new install of Dapper Server LTS, applied updates.  SSH Server dies 
shortly after network restart.  I can connect briefly and depending 
how fast I am, I can do a couple of things as it only stays alive for 
30 seconds or so, then refuses connection.  Do a network restart, 
then I can connect again but then it drops the connection and refuses 
to connect to again.  I read were IPV6 might have been an issue so I 
disable that, didn't fix the problem.  Did both a TOP and PS -AUX, no 
helps there.  Guess I should check the logs but in the mean time, any 
thoughts on why this might be occurring or anybody else having this 



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