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Brie Gordon brie.gordon at
Thu Aug 16 16:49:29 UTC 2007

I also use gMail and am not having an issue with this. Do you have any
other filters on what goes to spam that could be blocking messages?
(Like, someone's surname or something.)

2007/8/16, Jimmy Wu <jimmywu013 at>:
> Every once in a while (like about 1random thread in every 40 or so mails), a
> message sent to the ubuntu users list gets put in my spam box.  I use gmail,
> and I am not aware of how its specific spam filters work.  What I do have is
> a filter set up that moves all messages from this list out of the inbox and
> into a label "ubuntu".  What's interesting is that the filter works even on
> the messages marked as spam - the label "ubuntu" gets applied, but the email
> is in the spam box.  This has happened many times already, and hitting the
> Not Spam button  doesn't seem to have made gmail any smarter.
> Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?
> Thanks
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