nvidia problems

fletcher johnson fjohnson at ipsmarx.com
Thu Aug 16 15:49:37 UTC 2007

This may be the root of your problems but never the less you are going to
have to resolve this problem I'm about to outline at some point. You are
mixing the free nvidia driver "nv" with the proprietary drivers from nvidia.
If you want to run the proprietary drivers you have to use "nvidia" instead
of "nv" in your xorg config. Further more you must delete all traces of the
generic nvidia driver that ships with ubuntu otherwise you are going to have
driver conflicts and you should also try to blacklist the generic nvidia
driver module from loading on startup. There are a bunch of guides available
for setting up nvidia cards on ubuntu and you should take a look at those. I
don't have them off hand but if you need further help I may be able to
locate them.
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