mplayer, was Re: Cant play dvd's

cj debiani386 at
Thu Aug 16 12:25:45 UTC 2007

Charles philip Chan wrote:
> cj <debiani386 at> writes:
>> ok mplayer works (woot woot!!!!) but i dont know how to get it to stop
>> with the CRC checking (Since it fails and keeps repeating the check
>> and causes choppy dvd play).
> Are you trying to play one of those nasty new DVDs from Sony (new
> protection scheme)? In order to get them to work with mplayer you need
> to compile a version of dvdnav from the mplayer svn server, recompile
> the svn version of mplayer to link against it and use
> dvdnav://<track_number> instead of dvd://<track_number>.
> Charles
actually all i needed was libdvdcss installed (i thought it was 
installed, but i guess it wasnt)

no funny protection scheme on the dvd's i have


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