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On 8/15/07, mewkiss <mewkiss at> wrote:
> WipeOut wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I have just got a 500GB USB hard drive to do my backups to.. I was able
> > to partition and format the drive (ext3)..
> >
> > When re-plugging it in it auto mounted to /media/disk but it appears to
> > be read only.. I am unable to copy files to it or create directories on it..
> >
> > I have used USB flash drives in the past and have not had this problem...
> >
> > Anyone know why the drive is read only and how to fix it?
> >
> > Thanks..
> >
> Can you write to your drive when you first mount it? I've seen this
> problem discussed here and elsewhere but have yet to see a satisfactory
> explanation or resolution. I have the same thing going on with a 320GB
> external Seagate USB drive I recently picked up. What happens with mine
> is that it is fine when first mounted but after a short period of
> inactivity, it automatically becomes read-only again. And yes, I've made
> myself the owner and have read-write permissions. Umounting and
> remounting the drive makes it right again temporarily but it _always_
> sets itself back to read-only after a short time. I could live with this
> except that I would like to setup auto backups to occur while I'm
> sleeping at night which is impossible now. The answer I'm seeking is...
> what process is doing this, making the drive read-only after a period of
> inactivity and how to tell it to cut it out?
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This is the same problem that I've been complaining.
It sounds like a bug.
I'll see if I can collect some data from the logs, to attach to the
Launtchpad ticket.

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