setting up beryl

cj debiani386 at
Wed Aug 15 12:59:24 UTC 2007

Rutger van Haasteren wrote:
> What drivers are you describing?
> You mention the drivers from the site, the opensource drivers and the 
> manufacturers drivers. This is reasonably confusing.
> The drivers of the manufacturer (ATI) are the closed source fglrx 
> drivers (so-called proprietary drivers). See 
> <>
> The opensource ati radeon drivers are the non-proprietary drivers.
> To my knowledge, on the site Kevin lets you install the fglrx drivers 
> with envy, so I don't understand what you mean with reverting back to 
> the manufacturers drivers. You /need/ fglrx. Test wether it works with 
> glxinfo and glxgears --printfps. Make sure that you run the right 
> drivers first.
> Rutger
I also forgot to add that i cant get into XGL to run it when im using 
the drivers (envy) specified on the site. GNOME (my default session, 
which uses AIGLX) wont let me run it whether im using those drivers or not


> On 8/14/07, *cj* <debiani386 at <mailto:debiani386 at>> 
> wrote:
>     Rutger van Haasteren wrote:
>     > I think btw that you have one of those MSI RSX480-IL motherboards. I
>     > had one of those a while ago and they (**cough**suck**cough**)
>     didn't
>     > provide me with satisfaction. You /need/ to run the fglrx driver,
>     > since the opensource drivers do not support the Xpress200 well
>     enough.
>     > You then also /need/ xgl for beryl. I got that working on my
>     Xpress200
>     > card almost a year ago on Dapper! Try some good tutorials on
>     > ATI+XGL+Beryl.
>     >
>     > Another suggestion: why don't you try compiz-fusion? I heard
>     they had
>     > some bugfixes on the non-tfp rendering path, and it has inherited
>     > everything nice from beryl ofcourse. A friend of mine made a
>     tutorial:
>     >
>     >
>     >
>     > Good luck!
>     >
>     > Rutger
>     Rutger, with the drivers on thsi site, i cant log in to xgl, it comes
>     out garbled. if i want to log into xgl, i have to revert back to the
>     manufacturer drivers, but then beryl wont work with those.
>     i cant get openGL accelleration with these drivers either
>     --cj
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