Linux-friendly UPS

David Vincent dvincent at
Wed Aug 15 04:19:17 UTC 2007

Anthony Yarusso wrote:
> I'm looking for a suitable battery-backup and surge protection unit
> for my personal computers and peripherals, and am not entirely sure
> what to look for, so hoping for suggestions.  I'm leaning toward
> either Belkin or APC brand-wise, but of course the model selection in
> each is pretty broad, so could use some narrowing.  I'm thinking about
> spending somewhere in the $100-$300 range.  It absolutely has to have
> software compatible with Ubuntu - I see APC software in the repos, and
> Belkin claims a number of their units support it, so that should be
> okay.  Can anyone give me some tips?

I've got an APC Back-UPS ES650, bought for my system when it ran XP. 
Ubuntu picked it up automatically on install and gave me enough power 
and UPS options I've not bothered to look in the repos for anything 
else.  It's connected with one of those USB-->RJ45 connectors so I only 
needed a free USB port.


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