setting up beryl

cj debiani386 at
Tue Aug 14 20:41:22 UTC 2007

Rutger van Haasteren wrote:
> I think btw that you have one of those MSI RSX480-IL motherboards. I 
> had one of those a while ago and they (**cough**suck**cough**) didn't 
> provide me with satisfaction. You /need/ to run the fglrx driver, 
> since the opensource drivers do not support the Xpress200 well enough. 
> You then also /need/ xgl for beryl. I got that working on my Xpress200 
> card almost a year ago on Dapper! Try some good tutorials on 
> ATI+XGL+Beryl.
> Another suggestion: why don't you try compiz-fusion? I heard they had 
> some bugfixes on the non-tfp rendering path, and it has inherited 
> everything nice from beryl ofcourse. A friend of mine made a tutorial:
> Good luck!
> Rutger
Rutger, with the drivers on thsi site, i cant log in to xgl, it comes 
out garbled. if i want to log into xgl, i have to revert back to the 
manufacturer drivers, but then beryl wont work with those.

i cant get openGL accelleration with these drivers either

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