Fernando's massive signature, again WAS [gutsy] mount, unmount, new mount will mark disk as readonly

Felipe Figueiredo philsf79 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 14 16:08:20 UTC 2007

On Tuesday 14 August 2007 11:00:32 Derek Broughton wrote:
> Since when did PGP signatures count?  Don't you guys have anything better to
> do than count the lines in a .sig?

I don't. Oh, wait, I do.

I wonder when will my favorite mail client will implement the auto-hiding of 
[re-]quoted text like gmail does. It's so nice on the eyes. Tell you what - I 
will redefine 'my favorite mail client' as 'the first one to implement this 
kind of stuff. Could any kind soul advertise it when it exists?

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