Linux Vs Windows in security

Derek Broughton news at
Tue Aug 14 14:05:21 UTC 2007

Cesar Augusto Suarez wrote:

> Hi.
> I have a doubt about it:
> I know that one of the bigest critics to windows is about security  in the
> s.o. instad Linux who has fame of very secure s.o.
> However, i know that windows (same that linux) save the pass in a hidden
> file, if we can locate that file, just edit and voila¡ and the last is
> about Vista, with the vista cd i can have root access to the system if i
> have physical access to it
> In linux, i´ve seeing thats the same, with the live cd, if we have
> physical access to the pc, we can change root access just by typing a new
> pass.
> Then, where is  really the security ?

Of course.  How would you propose to make a system truly secure if a hacker
has physical access to the machine?

If I encrypt my filesystems, nobody with a liveCD can read the filesystem,
but even then there must be something either in hardware or software that
provides the key to decrypt that filesystem, which would be available to a
user with physical access.

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