MPD and proprietary protocols

Simon Skogh simon at
Tue Aug 14 06:40:36 UTC 2007

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After finally getting around to hooking up a proper sound system (and
not just a FM transmitter, hehe) to my fileserver I've started prodding
around in MPD again and run into some streaming issues.

I'm trying to listen to radio from my own country (Sweden), but
unfortunately they only offer streams in RealPlayer or Windows Media
formats, even after heavy pressure from the Swedish Linux community to
offer other - open - options.

I've been unable to find any ways to make MPD recognize and play these
streams, the only suggestion I could find that seemed viable was to
install the alsa-oss package, but it was to no avail.

So if anyone has any ideas on doing this, I'd appreciate any and all
help on the matter. Luckily the stations I'm pursuing offer podcasts of
most of their shows, so I can always listen to them post-air, but being
able to listen live would be the best. I've already spent over an hour
circumventing the damn CBS player for an American station before I found
the pure stream URL, I'll look around for a similar solution for my
other problem, but direct support in MPD would be the optimal.

/ Simon Skogh

Example of the streams I'm trying to connect to:
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