setting up beryl

David Vincent dvincent at
Tue Aug 14 04:04:18 UTC 2007

>>> ok so i got XGL setup and it works just fine.
>>> beryl (under xgl) still gives me the same stuff. no window borders.
>> do you have the red emerald icon in your notification area?  right click 
>> it and go to "reload window manager".  does that help?  check that your 
>> window manager is indeed beryl and not compiz etc.  poke around in the 
>> advanced beryl options too and see if you can make it work.
> i rebooted the system (to clear everything out of ram) and loaded xgl 
> and checked to see that my window manager was set to beryl. Sure enough, 
> it wasnt (it was set to metacity). So i changed it to beryl. At first, 
> it gave me an error (and for the life of me, i cant remember what it 
> was). I tried changing it from one desktop manager to another and back 
> to beryl and it wont display that error again.
> but No, i dont have any sort of red emerald (as i rearranged my desktop 
> and i think i may have taken out the notification area)

k, add it back to your panel.  if you already have one gnome won't let 
you add another.  then check the settings in there.  you can force it to 
use XGL in there too.

>> btw from which source did you download and install beryl from?  which 
>> repository?
> i dont really know what you mean by this question.
> i just installed it from the ubuntu repository

ok, you may want to try upgrading to the Trevino SVN version which is 
newer and more bleeding edge but also has fixed some of the bugs which 
are in the version available to Feisty users by default.


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