ubuntu/kubuntu is sloooooooow!

Chris racerx at makeworld.com
Mon Aug 13 22:33:37 UTC 2007

On Tue, 14 Aug 2007 01:23:06 +0300
metin <metin at safe-mail.net> wrote:

> I can't give specific numbers regarding performance (I did not make
> any benchmarking) but when you use a system it is immediately evident 
> whether it is fast performing or not. For example, when you click the 
> k-menu (kde) or gnome-menu it takes up to two seconds for the menu to 
> come up in (k)ubuntu while it is instantaneous in archlinux or
> pardus. This is more or less valid in every desktop operation. I am
> using all linuxes on the same machine so my system's specs are not
> relevant. In case you are curious, I will give the specs anyways:
> processor: amd athlon-xp 2500
> ram: ddr-1024mb
> video card: nvidia 6800xt with nvidia proprietary drivers installed
> and working
> hard disk capacity: 160gb
> Note:
> 1- I have not tried xubuntu recently. My earlier experience it may be 
> faster than kde/gnome but it is not a consideration here.
> 2- Ubuntu is faster in a faster machine, of course. But the above 
> mentioned distros are even faster than ubuntu on the same machine.
> 3- My considerations are valid in at least four different machines on 
> which I installed and used pardus, archlinux, debian, (k)ubuntu (the 
> order is fastest to slowest in my experience)
> Thank you for responses

In order for you to have valid claims - the installs of all distros
MUST be the same. 

So what's in  one distro must be in all the others - 
This means, you will either have to weed out the extra within Ubuntu or
add what's missing in the other distros.

Once you have that - then you can create a valid claim.
Untill then, simply saying that distro A runs faster on this hardware
compared to disto B without ensureing that each distro has hwhat the
other has. 

Heck - if that's how things are compared, I can certainly say that
Windows 3.1 runs faster then 95 and maybe even say WindowsNT runs
faster then Windows2000 however, that would not be a valid comparison.

Compare item by item then we'll talk

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