is edubuntu 7.04 broken?

Damien Hull dhull at
Mon Aug 13 16:27:53 UTC 2007

Damien Hull wrote:
> I'm running a few tests on edubuntu 7.04. I'm running into all kinds of 
> problems.
>    1. Software RAID didn't work the way it should
>          1. sdb1 was automatically placed in an  array (md0)
>          2. I was unable to delete the array
>          3. I was unable to put sdb1 into a different array
>    2. I did an update a bunch of packages were not configured
>          1. Most if not all of the open office packages were not configured
>          2. There may have been other packages that didn't get configured
>    3. I had trouble with my mouse pointer
>          1. After the system boots I have a pointer
>          2. The pointer is there when I log in
>          3. The pointer disappears when I log out
>          4. It comes back when I reboot
> I have never seen so many problems with Ubuntu before. I either have a 
> bad download/CD or someone didn't test it before it was released. What's 
> going on here?
Looks like I spoke to soon. I haven't done a complete test yet but it 
looks like things are working.

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