Upgrading to 7.04 but keeping 6.10 with limited HD space

Michele Zarri m.zarri at gmail.com
Mon Aug 13 15:02:26 UTC 2007


I have been tempted several times to upgrade to 7.04, however my Compaq
laptop is equipped with a Orinoco-based WLAN (Compaq W-200) and I read on
the howto that there are still issues with the drivers in Feisty. As I
really need my WLAN card I was wondering if there is a way to upgrade to
7.04 but still having the option to go back to 6.10 if things don't work (
i.e. to downgrade :-) ).
Note that installing 7.04 in parallel to 6.10 is not an option since I have
really a limited amount of space available and reformatting the HD is not an
option either (The other part of the HD is WInXP kindly provided by my
company but I cannot re-install it if something goes wrong with the
Also, when I installed 6.10 I was not aware of the benefits of having
separate partitions for for the / and the /home, so all my Ubuntu is in a
single partition which I guess is a further complication.

Any idea?


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