Play Downloaded Flash Videos

Wade Smart wade at
Mon Aug 13 00:17:36 UTC 2007

08122007 1916 GMT-6 DST

Ok. Just got a email from the school telling everyone in the class that 
the Flash videos are corrupt or missing. The file Im downloading or 
trying to play from location are screwed!!!

But, I would still like to know how to open a url in Xine?


Wade Smart wrote:
> 08122007 1905 GMT-6 DST
> Ok. Trying Xine but, how in the heck do you open a url?
> wade
> Wade Smart wrote:
>> 08122007 1844 GMT-6 DST
>> I installed VLC but its only playing the audio. The file is a flv. Its 
>> not seeing the video. Does VLC need some codec?
>> wade
>> Scott (angrykeyboarder) wrote:
>>> Wade Smart spake thusly:
>>>> 08102007 2157 GMT-6 DST
>>>> My wife just started the new semester of college and they have her
>>>> downloading Flash video to watch for class. I can play flash video if
>>>> its streaming but I cant find anything that will play a downloaded flash
>>>> video. I tried to change them to wmv via ffmpeg but received errors
>>>> saying unknown format even though its supported.
>>> VLC plays them. And xine-based app (Totem-xine, Kaffeine, Gxine and Xine
>>> itself) does as well.

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