BAAAAAD problem with Feisty kernel

Derek Broughton news at
Sun Aug 12 16:50:21 UTC 2007

Felipe Figueiredo wrote:

> On Saturday 11 August 2007 15:38:39 NoOp wrote:
>> So,
>> the *only* way that 'ferm' could appear on your machine is if you
>> installed it.
> Don't be silly. Packages often get installed as dependencies for other
> packages.
> philsf at peralta:~$ apt-cache rdepends ferm
> ferm
> Reverse Depends:
>   shorewall-lite
>   shorewall
> So, ferm is automatically installed if shorewall is installed, at least in
> Feisty. If you really wanted to give some categorical answer, you should
> at least investigate whether or not shorewall depended on it in edgy, and
> what ferm rdepended on on edgy.
> Even then, if you were certain it couldn't be installed automatically
> (which you shouldn't be, because you don't know if the OP has shorewall),
> you could at least be polite. Being certain of something doesn't make you
> correct.

It doesn't matter - neither Shorewall nor Shorewall-lite are any part of
standard Ubuntu.  So Michael installed one of them,  or something that
depended on one of them, etc, etc.  Michael insists Feisty did it. 
Michael's wrong.  Michael also knows enough to have checked the
dependencies himself.

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