lost much of desktop after installing updates

Rob Lytle fluffywhitecllouds at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 12 14:40:55 UTC 2007

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Rob Lytle wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm new to the list, but not Ubuntu.  I did a fresh install of 7.04 last 
> night on this now Windowsless computer (yay!).   When I was finished and 
> rebooted the screen looked normal with hard drive icons.  I seem to 
> remember the dock having what looked like the usual icons.

     Hard drive icons? I only have one of'em, I had to edit /etc/fstab 
to get it. (It's my backup disk).  Normally they won't come up, unless 
it's a disk in a DVD or something.  Is _that_ not happening?

> Then I was notified that there were 111 updates.  So I installed them.  
> Now my Gnome screen is totally iconless and the doc looks like its 
> missing icons.    What happened?

   Yeah, there's been a good bit of development in Feisty since the 
original CDs were burnt/put-into-isos. It's normal for a healthy, living 
distro....especially the development versions of the product. Dapper has 
very, very few these days; it's the long-term product.

   Gnome (at least under Ubuntu- Fedora seemed to put a lot of'em on 
there) has no icons, by default. It's accessed by "Places" when you need 
it.  It's intended to keep the desktop clean, and it's probably a good 
idea, since it leaves all that up to you, and your choices.  But it 
sounds like the upgrade killed the icons you put there.

   If worst comes to worst, you can always rm -rf .gnome* and 
reboot/log-out: that'll start you off with a 'factory' set of desktop 
goodies.  That's been part of Gnome for a long time, and is kinda 

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Thanks Brian,

Its comforting that I didn't screw something up.  I may be confusing the desktop that I was seeing during the install.   But I would think that I should have at least one icon, the hard drive.

The thing that threw me was that I am trying to set up wpa-supplicant on my wifi and the docs refer to an icon on the dock that looks like two dots. Mine has none.

I'll try "rm -rf .gnome*" and see what happens.  I can always delete any clutter I get.

Thanks,  Rob.

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