Firefox Panel Icon Loads Swiftfox

Leonard Chatagnier lenc5570 at
Sun Aug 12 13:03:55 UTC 2007

> Leonard Chatagnier wrote:
> > now, even in a konsole terminal typing
> > "firefox" just loads another instance of swiftfox.
> Okay, then it's really nothing to do with the panel.
>  What do you get from:
> ls -l $(which firefox)
> Matt Flaschen
Hey, Matt,
Does this mean you don't think my old mind is playing
tricks on me, Ha, Ha. I'd just about convinced myself,
or Jinny Wu did. Anyway:
ls -l $(firefox) loaded another 2 instances of firefox
and also listed the contents of /boot which is where
konsole was at the time. The first instance was titled
just Mozilla firefox, the second instance was called
Mozilla Firefox(2).  Didn't know the the ls command
could load a program.???

ls -l $(swiftfox) also loaded another two instances of
firefox(not Swiftfox) and listed the dir of /boot. 
The two instances of firefox were labeled (3) and (4).
While the instances of firefox show up immediately on
the panel, there is a busy icon(the revolving hour
glass) there also that is labeled swiftfox but it goes
away after a short time of less than a minute.

Early this AM before retiring, went to gnome to try
out some of the gnome specific suggestions and
installing mc and symlinkprops. I also set the panel
icon properties command to "/usr/bin/firefox" which
didn't change anything and eventually went back to
KDE. Under KDE the panel icon properties command
reverted back to "firefox %u" so I changed it back to
"usr/bin/firefox" and ran your commands again so now I
have 6 instances of firefox runing currently under
Kubuntu-desktop and no swiftfox.

Hope I got the syntax of your ls command right.  And
hope you will explain why they load a program.  BTW,
firefox was running prior to issuing the commands if
it makes any difference.
Thanks for coming back on this issue,

Leonard Chatagnier
lenc5570 at

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