Recover deleted files from ext3

deepak deepak.babel at
Sun Aug 12 12:56:54 UTC 2007

You can try Stellar or Nucleus for recovery

(``-_-´´) -- Fernando wrote:
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> Hya everyone.
> It had to happen to me.....
> I move a few files (20GiBs of them to be more precise) from a 500GBs SATA 2 
> Ext3 disk to a 120GBs PATA on NTFS (mounted with ntfs-3g).
> The transfer was done with the #mv command and #rsync  --remove-source-files.
> But was with all of was who love computers and know all but too well the 
> Murthys Law, the 120GBs disk ended up corrupted the very next day, and most 
> of those files are now gone.
> I'vee been trying to run repair/recover tools on it, but can get them.
> So the alternative is to try and recover files/folders that were (are?) on the 
> 500 Sata with Ext3. This disk hasn't been used or written to, since the 
> transfer occurd.
> What do you guys think is my best option to recover the 20GiBs of data?
> Thanks in advance.
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