Recovering data from bad hard disk sectors ? (WAS: Feisty: recent updates causing freezes ??)

cj debiani386 at
Sun Aug 12 00:03:46 UTC 2007

SteVe Cook wrote:
>> Actually, I read about people putting the disk in the freezer overnight,
>> and then got it running for long enough to get the data out.
>> No, it's not a joke, and no, I did not try it myself.
>> Desperate times calls for desperate measures?
> It does work for some faults.  I've done it.  An hour in the freezer 
> 10mins in the machine back to fridge, in the machine again.  Eventually 
> rescued all the data on the disk.  Always worth a try as things can't 
> get any worse.
> SteVe
> try cooling spray instead of the freezer, but thats beside the point


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