Firefox Panel Icon Loads Swiftfox

Jimmy Wu jimmywu013 at
Sat Aug 11 21:20:04 UTC 2007

> Now here's the rub, if I close swiftfox
> first, then the firefox panel icon will load firefox
> correctly. This was not the default action just
> recently as I could load and use both browsers
> simultaneously but not anymore.

Just found this:

> As long as you have one Swiftfox window open, all calls from other
> applications (e.g. your e-mail client) to open a new Firefox window/tab
> will open it in Swiftfox.

on this site:
Not much else there.
Also, just tried my firefox launcher on my Ubuntu 7.04, and it's the same
problem: swiftfox starts instead of firefox.  I never would have known about
that since I use swiftfox exclusively now.  What's interesting is that you
say you were able to use both _simultaneously_ (ie you could have firefox
and swiftfox open at the same time right?).  I was going to suggest making
sure all swiftfox windows were closed before starting firefox, but that
probably won't help if it worked before.

Personally, I'm fine with just using swiftfox, but I'll be interested to see
how this thread turns out.

Good luck,

Jimmy Wu
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