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Roberto Waltman ubuntu at
Sat Aug 11 16:23:04 UTC 2007

Amichai Rotman wrote:
> I would like to make a folder visible only to it's owner, more 
> specifically:
> I dedicated a whole ext3 partition for my music. The 'lost+fond' folder 
> was ceated and, of course, only root can get in there...
> Is there a way to make this folder show up only if I ls or browse it as 
> root?

As far as I know, no.  If you do not want it to "confuse" users, 
you may just delete it.  It will be created automatically again 
when you run fsck, and it is needed only at that time.

> Also, somewhat related, I think there's a problem with creating ext3 
> partitions since the update to the new lowlatency kernel:
> This is what I've done:
> Copied the data to another partition
> Deleted the partition (using: Gnome Partition Editor, fdisk and cfdisk - 
> same results)
> Rebooted the machine
> Created a new type 83 (Linux) Primary partition starting with block 1 
> and ebding with the last block - 9729 (whole size of the HDD: 80Gb)
> Rebooted the machine
> Formatted the new partition with 'mkfs.ext3 /ded/sdb1
> All without errors
> Mounted the partition
> df -h showed 74Gb total, 180M (?!) used and 70Gb remaining...
> I had the same problem with another 80Gb HDD I recently put in the 
> computer (now I have 3 HDDs and 1 DVD-RW Drive)
> I eventually re-formated the other HDD to RaierFS and after twice 
> rebooting, it got fixed on it's own, can say why and how...
> I asked the list but no one answered.
> Any ideas?

Disks manufacturers usually report sizes in multiples of 
1,000,000 bytes, while system tools use 1,048,576  (1024*1024) 
--- 80 / 1.048576 ==> 75 (more or less)
So a reported size of 74Gb sounds right.
The 180 Mb used are all the areas used by the filesystem (as 
opposed to files) the inodes, root directory, etc.
Every file system needs to use a fraction of the disk for its own 
internal bookkeeping.
About the discrepancy between the 74 - 180m & "70 remaining" I 
can only guess that may have been used by the journal, being 
"replayed' later. I never saw this before, but I have not used 
reiser fs for a long time, since switching from Gentoo to Ubuntu.

Roberto Waltman

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