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Hya everyone.
It had to happen to me.....
I move a few files (20GiBs of them to be more precise) from a 500GBs SATA 2 
Ext3 disk to a 120GBs PATA on NTFS (mounted with ntfs-3g).
The transfer was done with the #mv command and #rsync  --remove-source-files.

But was with all of was who love computers and know all but too well the 
Murthys Law, the 120GBs disk ended up corrupted the very next day, and most 
of those files are now gone.
I'vee been trying to run repair/recover tools on it, but can get them.
So the alternative is to try and recover files/folders that were (are?) on the 
500 Sata with Ext3. This disk hasn't been used or written to, since the 
transfer occurd.

What do you guys think is my best option to recover the 20GiBs of data?

Thanks in advance.
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