in /etc/hosts, why?

Gerald Dachs ubuntu at dachsweb.de
Fri Aug 10 09:41:18 UTC 2007

> I've actually implemented this in Ubuntu, Fedora, openSUSE and
> Mandriva and while I don't really *notice* any speedup, It didn't slow
> it down either.

All this disties have this IP too? Since when? Didn't try
them recently. Before Ubuntu I was a developer for two other
not so well known distries that don't use this IP.

I am using amavisd-new and let the quarantined mails go into a mysql database.
I use then MailZu for deleting or releasing them from quarantine. MailZu uses
this infamous IP to ask amavis for releasing emails, but amavis has
a default acl to allow only Now I have two options, I can change
the amavis acl to allow too, or I can change the hosts and remove
the I don't know the right way, before I know the reason for the IP. I have asked all the other Unix admins in my company and none
of them had ever heared from this.


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