installing themes

cj debiani386 at
Thu Aug 9 23:17:32 UTC 2007

Lorin Pino wrote:
> cj wrote:
>> hi all
>> this may seem to be a very stupid question, but i cant figure out how to 
>> install themes at all. no matter what theme i try, it never loads them. 
>> is there a specific theme manager i need to download or something?
>> --cj
> Which version of ubuntu are you running?  And which themes are you 
> trying to install?  That info will let people try to duplicate your 
> problems, if possible.
> ~Lorin
im running regular ubuntu 7.04 (i dont know how to make that more specific)
. im not running KDE, XFCE, or any other fancy stuff. im running Gnome.

the theme im trying to install (from is titled "orange-xmms"

it downloads as a tarball

every time i go to load it into the gnome theme thing (system > 
preferences > Theme), it tells me that the file format is invalid.

WHY is it telling me that???!!!!??!

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