SSH server

David Vincent dvincent at
Thu Aug 9 21:46:01 UTC 2007

Harald Weis wrote:
> Can anybody tell me how to install sshd on a desktop ubuntu box
> and why it is not in the base system like ssh
> and why it is not made available with the (really great)
> Add/Remove Applications functionality ?
> I need this for remote login from my FreeBSD machine.

- sudo apt-get install openssh-server
- including it in the base would mean ubuntu would be running a remotely 
accessible service by default which is something they are proud they do 
not do (also I read somewhere that that is one of the reasons ubuntu 
does not include a firewall by default - there is nothing listening so 
what is the need?  and if you are going to install such a service you 
should know what you are doing and be able to take the necessary 
- its in synaptic (system menu --> administration) which is where all 
the power users go if they're not on the command line already


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