Determine make and model of Dell Desktop using Linux

Derek Broughton news at
Wed Aug 8 19:34:50 UTC 2007

Miano, Steven M. wrote:

> Look at the computer itself - it should be imprinted on the computer, most
> laptops have the information on the bottom - so I would imagine that the
> desktop should have some markings/stickers on it.
> The make is Dell. ; )
> Otherwise the make and model would have to be figured out through the
> hardware.

Nothing is reported by lspci, on my laptop, identified as "Dell", but Hal

$ lshal -u computer -l | grep smbios
  smbios.chassis.type = 'Portable'  (string)
  smbios.chassis.manufacturer = 'Dell Inc.'  (string)
  smbios.system.uuid = '44454C4C-3700-105A-8032-B7C04F373731'  (string)
  smbios.system.serial = '77Z2771'  (string)
  smbios.system.version = 'Not Specified'  (string)
  smbios.system.product = 'Inspiron 6000'  (string)
  smbios.system.manufacturer = 'Dell Inc.'  (string)
  smbios.bios.release_date = '02/02/2005'  (string)
  smbios.bios.version = 'A04'  (string)
  smbios.bios.vendor = 'Dell Inc.'  (string)

Thanks for making me look :-)

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