Write to floppy?

norman norman at littletank.org
Thu Aug 9 10:22:41 UTC 2007

> When I put a floppy in it opens as read only. I've tried accessing as 
> root and trying to mount it with -w as root. It just won't let me. 
> Anyone know why?
To finally prove to myself that my memory is not failing, I found an old
floppy and put it into the drive. Then, selected Places, Computer and
right clicked on Floppy Drive and selected Mount Volume. The drive light
lit and, after a very short while, the icon of a floppy disc appeared on
the screen. Right click on the icon and Open. Contents of disc could be
read. I then opened a folder of documents on my desktop and dragged
several files to the open floppy window. Right click floppy icon, select
Unmount and, when light on drive goes out, remove floppy containing all
original files plus those transferred. No root, no terminal just simple
plain use of what is available.

I use Ubuntu 7.04.


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