Write to floppy?

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Wed Aug 8 23:35:18 UTC 2007

This machine is using 6.10 I believe. I guess that could be the problem, 
but I'd think it would of already been looked at.

Mike wrote:
> cj wrote:
>> norman, if he has the tab set to allow reading and writing, you still 
>> have ubuntu to deal with as it, for some reason, allows only the root 
>> user to write to teh floppy
>> --cj
> This is odd. I read and write to floppy discs without any 
> problems at all in Feisty (as a normal user not as root). I 
> save files to floppies directly from OpenOffice (file -> save 
> as and select floppy drive as my location). I also copy files 
> from my home directory to floppies quite often without root 
> permission. To do this I go to "Places" -> "Computer" -> 
> "Floppy Drive", then copy over the files that need to be 
> copied to the floppy. When I'm done I right click on "Floppy 
> Drive" and choose "Unmount Volume" and it writes the data to 
> the floppy without root permission. Am I just lucky or Isn't 
> this the way it's supposed to work?

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