Write to floppy?

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Wed Aug 8 23:30:01 UTC 2007

Same here. I don't even have a floppy in my machine. I had to go to an 
old machine to try it. I wouldn't of know it wasn't working unless this 
person hadn't brought it to me. I tried other floppies, and yes they 
open on windows.

norman wrote:
>>>> When I put a floppy in it opens as read only. I've tried accessing as 
>>>> root and trying to mount it with -w as root. It just won't let me. 
>>>> Anyone know why?
>>> Are you sure that the little tab on the floppy has not been set to read
>>> only? If it has, slide it up or down which ever the case may be.
>>> Norman
>> norman, if he has the tab set to allow reading and writing, you still 
>> have ubuntu to deal with as it, for some reason, allows only the root 
>> user to write to teh floppy
> I must admit it is a long time since I used a floppy but, if you want, I
> will try to find one and see what happens. However, I am convinced that
> floppies are easily mounted and used.
> Norman

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