A software issue

Eberhard Roloff tuxebi at gmx.de
Tue Aug 7 18:27:52 UTC 2007

Hi Cyber Term,

Cyber Term wrote:
> Nope, it isn't! In fact, I did install the Longman software (it was an .sh file, for which I used sh command), everything went on well and finally its icon appeared on my desktop, but it just doesn't even start whatsoever!

Please try to answer linux-like BELOW the previous post. Otherwise it is
very hard to follow the progress of the discussion.

In regard to your problem:
Can you find out what the icon on your desktop is supposed to do? In KDE
You would simply right click on the icon and choose "properties" and
then see, which command is (meant to be) executed.
I assume, gnome will handle this similarly.

After you got this, open a terminal and type the exact command there.
My hope is that the resulting error message might shed some light on the
cause of your problem.

Also it could possibly reveal whether your software is meant to be used
with Wine, which is a software-layer that vendors and users frequently
use to use their windows applications on Linux.

kind regards

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