Progaramming: how to add a gui front end to a CL command?

Pete Holsberg pjh42 at
Mon Aug 6 22:49:21 UTC 2007

Michael T. Richter keyed the following on 8/5/2007 8:55 PM:

>  On Sun, 2007-05-08 at 17:41 -0700, Matthew Voss wrote:
> > But a front-end to a command line command would make peoples life
> > easier wouldn't it?
>  It depends very much on the command, actually.  There are some things
>  (far fewer than most believe!) that are easier and better done on the
>  command line.  (This is, incidentally, why Bruce chose "find" -- he
>  deliberately picked a utility that he thought would be of
>  questionable use when GUIed and beat the straw stuffing out of it.)
>  For most things, however, and for most people, GUIfied versions of
>  commands would be better than the command line.  This is, after all,
>  why GUIs were invented in the first place.
>  But....
>  The person who writes the GUI wrapper for a CL utility will rarely
>  receive the benefit of it because, simply, to wrap a non-trivial
>  utility in a GUI would require learning the utility so well that the
>  GUI would be of little use to the person who made it.  So if you're
>  only considering yourself when writing utilities (and most software
>  writers do only think of themselves), there's little benefit to
>  "wasting time" on making GUIs.

Not necessarily. It depends on how often one need to use the command. 
GUIs help you if you don't remember!

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