Dell Inspiron 1501 WiFi

Paul S paulatgm at
Mon Aug 6 19:13:57 UTC 2007

Donald D Henson said the following on 08/06/2007 01:40 PM:
> Has anyone gotten a Dell Inspiron 1501 Laptop working on WiFi?If you

No, I don't have a 1501, but a 1505 with the dell 1500 draft n wifi.  I 
found that it works only with certain (usually newer) versions of 
ndiswrapper, and only some (not all) of the dell windows drivers.  In my 
case WindowsXp works, but not Vista. So, if you have not tried the 
latest ndiswrapper with all the different dell drivers, then I suggest 
you give it a go.  If you have available hi-speed, it's easy to go to 
dell and download the network drivers.  Try all the drivers for your 
card from dell/support/drivers

If none of the windows XP work, then try the Windows Vista and any other 
versions for different windows you can find.  Also, check the wiki to see if they have a specific dell driver to try.


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