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Jan Kauffman wrote:
> Hi all,
> I recently moved from windows XP to ubuntu, so I'm still having some
> problems figuring out how to do things here.
> I have 2 HDs on my computer, one of them (the small one) is where
> ubuntu is installed and the other (the large one) is where I intend to
> save my personal files.
> I used to do that on windows, just to separate my personal files
> (music, videos, college files, etc) from the OS and I wanted to keep
> doing that on linux too. The problem is that the large hard disk is
> not getting auto mounted. When I open the file browser, I see it
> there, but I have to click twice on it and enter the su pass to mount
> it. It is mounted on root group, which is not really what I wanted.
> Is there a way to configure ubuntu to auto mount this second hard disk
> when I turn my computer on, and mount it on my group? If I can't mount
> it on my personal group, at least I'd like to mount it with permission
> set to 7 for me.
> thanks a lot for any help
> --Kauffman
I  see that in another post you have someone helping with your problem.
While you're waiting for responses and so on, you should read some basic
stuff about fstab. Fire up a terminal and enter 'man fstab', without the
quotes, and read away. (It's easier to read if you maximize the terminal
window first.)

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