Skype Error (Core Dump)

Messó redhat24 at
Sun Aug 5 16:40:18 UTC 2007

> > I have installed skype, but it crashes whenever I run it with the
> > error message. Would there be someone who can tell how I fix it?
> You should ask the vendor of this software (Skype). As it's propieatary
> software there is no reason for the community to fix problems caused by
> this software. If skype want support from the community they should
> release thier software open source.
> IIRC are there some free skype alternatives in the debian/ubuntu
> repositories.
> just my 0.02$
> Bye..

As much as i experienced, Skype in Linux is a crap. I installed the latest
version and i CAN't send any message. If i press ENTER it makes a new line
in the chat-box. And there isn't any SEND button (I can't delete either --
no backspace :S ).

I'm looking Skype alternative app, which can handle the Skype-protocol
(Kopete can't)
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