Dualbooting 7.04 with 7.10

Nils Kassube kassube at gmx.net
Sat Aug 4 21:59:52 UTC 2007

cj wrote:
> ive never dualbooted linux before, so i dont know how to do it. Is it
> like dualbooting windows or is it much different? and how do i do it? I
> plan on dualbooting my kubuntu 7.04 with kubuntu 7.10

Yes, it is like dualbooting linux + windows. I haven't used it for 7.04 + 
7.10 myself, only for 6.06 + 7.04. My advice: Use a separate partition 
for 7.10, the swap partition can be used for both installations. During 
the installation of 7.10 the swap partition will be reformatted. 
Therefore you should uodate your 7.04 fstab if it has UUIDs in use. 
Furthermore, I think it is better not to use a common /home partition. 
The format of some configuration files might change -- then you might 
have trouble when using 7.04 again.


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