GDM vs KDM - which is better?

Derek Broughton news at
Fri Aug 3 15:04:18 UTC 2007

Casey Stamper wrote:

> On 8/3/07, Ed Smits <ed.smits at> wrote:
>> I don't want to start a desktop flame war, I simply hope someone can
>> explain to me the difference.
>> My scenario - I run Feisty with Gnome, so by default use GDM. I have a
>> bit of free time coming up, thought I would give KDE another chance,
>> maybe it's improved (for me anyway) since my days using it with
>> Mandrake. I assume that I will spend most of my time logged into
>> Gnome.
>> Is there any advantage/disadvantage one way or the other to using
>> either desktop manager?

I'd have to say there are numerous advantages, one way and another, to
_each_ desktop (and not restricting our desktops to just KDE & Gnome). 
<nitpick>You can't equate KDE to GDM - the desktop _manager_ is KDM and the
desktop environment is Gnome</nitpick>

So it really comes down to what you like.  I'd have to say that if you are
looking for big improvements since your Mandrake days, you probably won't
like KDE - as I've _always_ considered it functionally superior to
Gnome :-)  Of course, that's my personal bias showing...
> I've used both but I don't really think there is any "advantage" to one or
> the other. I prefer Gnome but that's because I believe (although it might
> be unfounded) that it's easier on my resources. To me, KDE resembles
> Windows more than Gnome but that doesn't really affect my decision to use
> one or the other. YMMMV.
I note Casey doesn't actually come out with an observation about whether
resembling Windows is an advantage or a disadvantage :-)  Obviously,
looking like Windows helps attract new users, but otoh we hate having
desktops that casual observers could mistake for Windows!

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