GDM vs KDM - which is better?

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Fri Aug 3 14:12:19 UTC 2007

Ed Smits wrote:
> I don't want to start a desktop flame war, I simply hope someone can
> explain to me the difference.
> My scenario - I run Feisty with Gnome, so by default use GDM. I have a
> bit of free time coming up, thought I would give KDE another chance,
> maybe it's improved (for me anyway) since my days using it with
> Mandrake. I assume that I will spend most of my time logged into
> Gnome.
> Is there any advantage/disadvantage one way or the other to using
> either desktop manager?
> Thanks in advance
> Ed
I think it is personal preference.

A friend of mine prefers GDM, he uses CLE much more than I do and has
one screen.

What I like about KDE is its konfigurable (I know the K is for Kool, but
this using K thing is katching - and annoying)

I tend to use a mixture of gnome tools still though, I like Nautilus,
Update Manager, Synaptic Manager for example.

I also like the blue look, and it works better for me with the two
monitors I have, better in that when I maximise a window in Kubuntu it
maximises to the current screen, not across both, and I have a toolbar
at the bottom of the screen that only has apps on that screen on it.  I
haven't worked out how to do that with Gnome.



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