Backup across multiple DVD's

Derek Broughton news at
Thu Aug 2 16:48:10 UTC 2007

NoOp wrote:

> On 08/02/2007 03:54 AM, Dave M wrote:
>> At 04:06 AM 8/2/2007 , Rashkae wrote:
>>>I also found the
>>>DAR util: so I plan on exploring that a bit
>>>more as well.
>> If you would like to use Dar, the attached script will help with burning
>> the DVD's. Dar will run the script each time a slice is ready to burn.
>> This script will also verify that the slice was burned properly. It can
>> also make a Dar catalog, parity file or redundant copy of the dar slice.
>> If your data is valuable then it is a good idea to have redundancy. DVD
>> media is fragile and read errors are common.
>> If you prefer using a GUI, look at KDAR. It is a GUI front end for DAR.
>> It can do the backups (burned to DVD using the script) or it can create
>> and export a DAR command with the parameters you chose using the GUI.
> Cool! Thanks Dave. I was looking at Kdar, but it appears that it's not
> been updated since 2005 & is no longer in the repos. So I was a little
> hesitant to try to use that as a front end for DAR.

It's not in the repos, and you have to go back to Dapper (iirc) to get the
libdar package it depends on (kdar was actually in the repo a release
later - but it shouldn't have been, as the dependency wasn't), but imo it's
well worth it even if it isn't supported.  Sometimes software doesn't get
updated because it doesn't need it.  


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